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  • The most perfect ape cannot draw an ape; only man can do that; but, likewise, only man regards the ability to do this as a sign of superiority.

    Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

  • An unassuming little life


    Diana Battefeld, Aperture, 2019, 100 x 100 cm, [Oil on Linen] A hot, late Spring, Sunday afternoon. Working on some long computation, we split the problem in two. Empty, silent building. A window. Pretend that you are a kick-ass video game character on a secret mission and are now trying to make your stealth escape. …

  • Music

    Music and Health

    Diana Battefeld,  Practice Break After the Snowstorm, 80x100cm, 2019, [Oil on Linen]. Every musician experiences physical discomfort and ailments that are disabling.  Sometimes, these instrument-related maladies can leave the musician maimed for life, more often, however, they are a temporary nuisance that prevent the player from performing for many months. In order to avoid injuries …

  • The Physics of the Violin

    Diana Battefeld, Diva, (80x60cm), 2018, [Oil on canvas]. In playing the violin, it may be instructive to know what is going physically when the fingers are pressed upon the fingerboard and the bow slides on the string to carry the right kind of sound.  From a purely physical point of view, when a string vibrates …

  • The Breakfast

    Diana Battefeld, The Breakfast, 50×100 cm, 2018, [Oil on Linen] There is nothing in the world like music. And there is nothing in the world like making music.  The act of playing an instrument uses the entire brain, the entire body even.  For the slightest tension in your little toe can have an effect on …

  • Painting of the Week


    Diana Battefeld, Butterfly, 2015 [Oil on Canvas]. After an image of NGC 6302, photographed by NASA’s Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3), ESA, and the Hubble SM4 ERO Team. Aleksander Friedmann did not live to see the impact of his discovery. He died in 1925. The significance of his work was not appreciated until two years …

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