Little Light’s Ever Expanding Balloon

The history of the evolution of our Universe as seen by Lil’li (Little Light) an anthropomorphized photon. She experiences the expansion of the universe, first particle creation, dark matter, dark energy, the birth and death of galaxies, black holes… The balloon is a two dimensional representation of our Universe. See Little Light’s Ever Expanding Balloon

I lived my early childhood  in the country side.   I Spent my days sculpting with mud, collecting leaves, stones, sticks, playing with a white stallion, teasing the dogs,  playing with yellow chicks, which my grandfather would place on the palm of my hands, listening to birds, watching insects, running down hills, fishing for tadpoles and watching them transform, exploring the grounds, which seemed to go on forever, eating oranges, which hung on rows and rows of trees like gleaming golden nuggets …

Let it Rain


In search for the perfect gold fish, a tadpole is caught on the net. It slowly metamorphosed into into something unexpected.

The Blinding of Tourbillon

How Tourbillon is blinded with a sling shot by a group of boys who entered the grounds uninvited. The horse never again trusted a human.

Of Wisps and Ghosts

Stories told to keep a child from straying too far away.