Illustration samples of story books based on my own early childhood memories.  I spent the first 8 years of my life in the countryside: a country house surrounded by an immense  garden with all imaginable  flowering plants, a river that branched out into creeks and ponds crisscrossed the property, orchards, fields that seemed to me to go on to infinity, two dogs–Offir and Gitan, a cat, a frog, a white horse called Tourbillon, a myriad of insects, birds and plants to observe and play with, orange-peel necklaces from Grandpa, reading/writing/math lessons from Grandma, and scary stories from Mr. Serafino.   All paintings are made with watercolor on paper.

Let it Rain!

Early summer rain.


Going fishing for the most beautiful gold fish ever, but  something else is caught…


Tourbillon,  a white stallion, is hurt with a slingshot by the children who pick up the fallen oranges. Tourbillon is blinded forever and became wild, but Lily finds a way to keep him in her life.


While sitting on the porch at night,  listening to the cri cri of crickets and the fleeting flapping of wings, the entire garden is illuminated with a yellowish tint.  Lili asks what that is and Mr. Serafino tells her that the lights are the souls of the dead. Lily  trembles with fright, but decides to find out on her own who the ghosts are and what they want in her garden.

Lil’li’s Ever Expanding Balloon

The history of the evolution of our Universe as seen by Lil’li (Little Light) an anthropomorphized photon. She experiences the expansion of the universe, first particle creation, dark matter, dark energy, the birth and death of galaxies, black holes… The balloon is a two dimensional representation of our Universe.