I lived my first 7 years of life in an old farm called Santa Cruz, where I was abandoned as an infant.   I Spent my days sculpting with mud, collecting leaves, stones, sticks, caressing Torbellino, a white stallion, teasing the dogs,  playing with yellow chicks, listening to birds, watching insects, running down hills, fishing for tadpoles, exploring the grounds, which seemed to go on forever, eating oranges, which hung on trees like gleaming golden nuggets, learning to read, write in romantic cursive,  discover amazing things with math, and  hugging my most kindest, most human, most beloved grandfather.  I have never been as happy, as carefree and as truly loved as I was then. These are my happy childhood memories:





Little Light’s Ever Expanding Balloon

The history of the evolution of our Universe as seen by Lil’li (Little Light) an anthropomorphized photon. She experiences the expansion of the universe, first particle creation, dark matter, dark energy, the birth and death of galaxies, black holes… The balloon is a two dimensional representation of our Universe.